Thursday, January 5, 2017

Gender Reveal

We went to Fetal Fotos for a gender ultrasound when I was 15 weeks pregnant.  It was a Saturday and the following Monday was when we were traveling to Texas.  We decided to wait to find out the gender til we got to Texas so we had the ultrasound tech put the gender pictures in a sealed envelope.
Ashley picked us up from the airport and we headed to Wal-Mart where I gave her the envelope.  She opened it inside and then bought the corresponding gender color in silly string and removed the caps before coming back to the car.

Once we got to my parents house we waited for all my sisters and their husbands and kids to arrive and then we did a countdown and on blast off we sprayed our silly string.

Thomas, Brooklyn, and I were SHOCKED to see blue!! I was fully expecting pink to come out! We are SO excited to have a little BOY!!! The boy cousins were all so happy and Alex kept suggesting we name our baby Alex.  Brooklyn just loved the whole silly string thing so I think that even though she said she wanted a sister it didn't phase her because of all the excitement of the event and having her cousins be there.

My mom was recovering from her double mastectomy just a few days previous. So glad she was still able to enjoy the experience with us. 

Monday, January 2, 2017

Elf on the Shelf 2016

Here were some of the shenanigans of our elf Donald this year:

December Photo Dump

We decorated a gingerbread house that our elf Donald brought.

Brooklyn sported some cousin hand me downs.
We went maternity clothes shopping and Brooky tried on the belly.
We babysat sweet baby E and I got some really good baby snuggles.
Brooklyn got to see Trolls twice at the movie theater.  I took her once and then she liked it so much that Thomas took her a second time.
Brooky practiced her "donut".
I made some dulce de leche for neighbors in my new Instant Pot.
Wendy's kids meal toy provided some entertainment on our trip to Dallas at the airport.
Brooky was reunited with her cousin Vona.
Nana read some Christmas books to Brooky.

The cousins had a dance party.

Brooklyn got to try out her new mermaid outfit and play in the tub with her new mermaids from Christmas.
Hand holding with cousin Vona and snuggles with Uncle Justin.