Tuesday, January 29, 2013

8 Months

At 8 months Brooklyn:
- Scoots on her bum and reaches to get what she needs to.
 photo DSCF1079_zps2f35e3f2.jpg
 photo DSCF1078_zpse111144b.jpg
- Will go from sitting to an almost crawling position, stays there for a bit but then ends up on her tummy.
 photo DSCF1077_zps741f866e.jpg
 photo DSCF1076_zps58ab52af.jpg
- When on her back will roll to her side and try to push up into a sitting position.
- Likes to sleep on her side for naps and bedtime.
- Sleeps for 11 hours before needing to eat at night.
- Takes 2-3 naps a day.  First one around 9am second one around 1pm both about two hours. Sometimes she needs an a hour nap around 5pm.  
- Likes the juices we make in our new juicer. Loves my Camelback water bottle and I'm totally impressed she can use it cause it has a bite valve so you have to bite it and suck at the same time. 
- Loves to feed herself cereal, peas, butternut squash, apples, and pears that are steamed and cut into bite sized pieces. She's doing really well with her pincer grasp and hand-eye coordination in order to feed herself.

- Wears 6-9 month clothes.
- Weighs 16.5lbs
- Loves to pull things out of boxes.
- Loves books and has started to want to turn the pages herself when being read to.
- Is very entertained by other kids. If kids are sitting by us at church she is a happy camper.  She loves going to play dates and being around other little ones.
- She has a mobile on her crib that plays music if you touch a certain part of it and she is a pro at getting it going when she first wakes up to entertain herself for a bit.  I love hearing her cute little babbling over the baby monitor. 

 photo DSCF1051_zps8f5f80b1.jpg
 photo DSCF1061_zps67b96b6e.jpg

I seriously fall more and more in love with this little girl everyday.  I miss her sometimes when she goes to bed and is just in the next room. 

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Mad Hatter Tea Party

My friend Jillian was inspired to host a Mad Hatter Tea Party after going to tea with her sister at a local restaurant/tea shop.  There was a great turnout and it was so nice to get out and chat for a few hours while snacking on yummy treats. Jillian and her sister found all of the tea kettles from local thrifts stores.  They were so creative with the decorations it was adorable. I'll let the pictures do some of the talking.

 photo treatscollage_zps1815b14b.jpg

 photo 558255_10151371964131489_190892922_n_zps64504eb7.jpg

 photo 550256_10151371962946489_741106600_n_zps5cac3bc1.jpg
 photo 483050_10151371963561489_1520846119_n_zps3d69d754.jpg
 photo 196248_10151371968521489_288596667_n_zps148f0a6c.jpg
 photo 530667_10151371969151489_1765236036_n_zps30968a49.jpg

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Random shots

Just some random shots from this month.

The things that most entertain Brooklyn are books.  Part of our morning routine is after I have fed and dressed her I set her down in her room next to her books while I get my breakfast made.  I can see her from the kitchen and it's so funny to hear her babbling away and checking out all her books.

 photo DSCF1004_zps4c154280.jpg
She loves cords (what baby doesn't) and so helping Thomas hold the cord while he vacuumed was a productive solution.

 photo DSCF1017_zps108d5420.jpg

 photo DSCF1030_zps150d69de.jpg
I've always wondered how mom's get pictures of their kids while they are sleeping in a dark room. I was always too scared the flash would wake her up and nap time is way to precious to take that gamble. But the other day I needed to wake her up anyways so I took the gamble. And ironically it didn't even wake her up.
 photo DSCF1029_zpsc46a9e0f.jpg
I love her in jeans.  She looks so grown up in them.
 photo DSCF1026_zpsaeb0cab8.jpg
Thomas was commenting how she almost reaches from side to side.
 photo DSCF1027_zpsaa6bd7ad.jpg

 photo DSCF1028_zps4f4227b1.jpg

I don't remember if I posted these pics of this canvas I had made from an Etsy vendor.  It's a quote from the book "The Help"  (except I fixed the grammar).  I had a really pretty mirror above the crib but I was worried it might fall on her.  Paranoid mom.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013


This past weekend we went up to Bogus Basin to try out hand at snowshoeing.  And........ we loved it! Since it's hard to rationalize spending money to go snowboarding and get a babysitter for Brooklyn this was the perfect compromise.  We were able to get up to the mountains and all spend time together as a family.  And for all three of us and our equipment it was cheaper than one lift ticket, can't beat that.
 photo DSCF1021_zps89b5aebc.jpg
Jilian and Kevan
 photo DSCF1020_zps952dd1dd.jpg
Checking out the trails
We went with our friends Jilian and Kevan and enjoyed getting in our excercise and catching up with them. It has been super cold in Boise because of the inversion so it was about 10 degrees in Boise but 40 degrees up in the mountains.  We worked up a sweat!
Thomas pulled Brooklyn in the chariot most of the way but I took over for a bit on the way back and that certainly adds some burn to the workout.  Kevin also volunteered to haul her part of the way.
 photo DSCF1019_zps80babb51.jpg
Pulling our little babe
 photo DSCF1023_zps18493251.jpg
First time snowshoeing for all of us
 photo DSCF1022_zps93d2045b.jpg
Those are some studly men right there
 photo DSCF1018_zps8cce8400.jpg
The princess and her chariot
The little princess slept most of the way and woke up the last five minutes and wanted out so I got in an arm workout too holding her while snowshoeing.We all agreed we will be continuing this new hobby.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Brooklyn's Christmas Pics

Thank you so much to Mary for taking these pictures while we were in Yakima for Christmas! My parents got all of the granddaughters Christmas dresses and I wanted some good shots of Brooklyn in hers for her first Christmas. And thanks to my mom for taking Brooklyn to get them done while Thomas and I went snowboarding. I'll cherish them always.
That round little face!!! Seriously I have to try to restrain myself  when it comes to kissing those cheekies or she gets a little annoyed with me always mugging on her :) And that little nose too! Perfect for eskimo kisses I tell you.
Yum Yum
When I see her expression in this picture I can just hear the little laugh she makes.
Our little Christmas beauty.
I dare you to not kiss those cheeks when you are around them!

She looks so grown up to me in this picture.  Sitting up so tall!

Saturday, January 12, 2013

Our Wintery Saturday

This was our Saturday:
Drove to Kuna per recommendation of a co-worker of Thomas' who said their was a really cool park there to walk around.  I don't know if we got the wrong park or what but it was pretty average and nothing to drive 20 minutes for.  BUT it's about quality time together right? And we actually really did enjoy the drive and walking around on the path to get some excercise. We needed to try out our new to us snowboots that we got from Salvation Army this week because next weekend we are going snowshoeing so it was a nice little dress rehearsal.


Making a snow angel. (Okay she actually kind of plopped back into the snow)
Baby snow angel
Afterwards we went and browsed Whole Foods.  Such a dangerous place because they have all these unique foods that sound good but they are pricey.  We ended up getting some pizza dough for dinner tonight, some soup, and these awesome teething biscuits for Brooklyn. It was Brooklyn's first time sitting up in the cart and she did aweseome.  I don't know why I haven't thought of it sooner.  I guess I still see her as a little baby who shouldn't be sitting up by herself in a cart yet!

We then headed to Winco.  People at Winco love Brooklyn.  So many comments and people stopping to stop to talk to her.  She didn't take an afternoon nap so to get through grocery shopping we gave her a teething biscuit and it lasted the whole time.  It was pretty darn cute seeing her face by the end because it was so messy.
Love them chubby hands!

Once home Brooklyn and I were excited that "Salon Tomas" (that should be pronounced in Spanish haha) was open.  We both had our toenails painted and felt pretty darn fancy.

Tiny toes
The artist at work.

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Brooklyn's First Christmas

We spent Brooklyn's first Christmas in Yakima, WA at my parents house.  Thomas and I were so ready for a whole week together as a family. 
The evening we arrived in Yakima I went with Brooklyn to meet up with some old friends from High school.  One of them has a new two month old baby and another is 12 weeks pregnant. It's so crazy to think back on who we all were in High school and how we have changed and grown to be the people we are today.
On Christmas Eve we went caroling with my parents to neighbors and another of my friends from High school, Jessica's. A fellow student from our high school that she was very close with passed away the day before and we figured she could use a little cheering up.  You know what Buddy the elf says "the best way to spread Christmas cheer is by singing loud for all to hear." She was so excited to get carolers :) Brooklyn had helped me make sugar cookies for the goody plates we brought caroling with us.
Helping me mix the dough.

We also went to look at some Christmas lights at a house that every year does an extravagant display. 

Nana and Brooklyn
Thomas and Brooklyn
Some of the lights on the property.
Nana teaching Brooklyn the story of Jesus' birth.
Brooklyn and her Nana and Pops
Our family in front of the big garage filled with Christmas characters.
Christmas morning we had Brooklyn open some of her presents first.  She loved chewing on the ribbon and did pretty good tearing the paper off. To keep her from getting too overwhelmed we put her down for a nap while the rest of us opened presents and then she opened her remaining presents after her nap.  She got lots of clothes, toys, and books.  Some of her fave presents so far are her Disney train, Melissa and Doug musical instruments, Rock N' Stack, and chew necklace. The chew necklace was a gift from Thomas to me.  It is made for mommy's to wear and babies to chew on.  Genius idea! Brooklyn grabbed for it and put it in her mouth the moment I put it on.

Kisses for her Great Grandpa Clement
Another book to add to the collection.
Look how happy this BSU outfit made her! A true Bronco's fan.
A baby can never have enough hair bows.
Playing with the ribbon.
Merry Christmas from the Giles!
Loving her Pops' attention and the Chewby necklace.
Being read to by her Nana.
Zebra print, pink, and a big bow doesn't get any cuter than that.
Christmas afternoon we headed over to Thomas' brother's house for lunch and opening some more presents.
Christmas evening was dinner at my parents with Grandpa Clement and later games.
Our Christmas festivities made for some memorable moments.  The best parts were just being with family and seeing everybody happy.  I know gifts aren't the most important thing about Christmas but this year it really clicked with me one of the reasons why we give gifts.  It's only appropriate that on Christ's, the most selfless man to have walked the earth,birthday instead of giving him gifts we give each other gifts. Another act of selflessness, celebrating your birthday by having others receive gifts.  I can understand Heavenly Father loving seeing His children happy as they feel of the givers thoughtfulness and love.  I can relate to that because having a child of my own now I really could care less what I receive but it made me so happy to see my child be showered with gifts and love. It made me so happy to see my grandpa, husband, mom, dad, and daughter opening gifts and being surprised and grateful.  Best part of Christmas. 
Thomas got a new snowboard for Christmas so later that week my mom watched Brooklyn for us so Thomas and I could go up to White Pass Ski Resort to snowboard.  I was nervous beforehand but it all came back to me after the first run and we had a really fun time.  I love seeing Thomas in his element and how happy he is up on the mountain. 
What a wonderful first Christmas for our little Brooklyn and our whole family.  


After our day of snowboarding.