Sunday, August 30, 2015

Brittani's Wedding!

One of my very best friends Brittani got married this month!! I got to be one of her bridesmaids and loved it! Her bachelorette party we did at a pottery painting studio called Color Me Mine.  It was the perfect place to do a fun activity and chat.  I didn't get a single picture from the studio!
Afterwards we headed to sushi at a nearby restaurant.
The night before the wedding Carrie Truman and I stayed at Brittani and Chris' and helped a bit and the next morning was go time.  Britt and I's roomie at BYU-I Tess came into town from Boise and it was so great seeing her.
Congrats Britt and Chris!! (The wedding pics are mostly screenshots from the photographers website).
 photo IMG_0082_zpsmawypf98.jpg  photo IMG_0084_zpsphskfmvs.jpg  photo IMG_0083_zpspupntsvx.jpg  photo IMG_0833_zpsgeiunbak.png  photo IMG_0834_zpswajuqide.png  photo IMG_0835_zpskamyvd1u.png  photo IMG_0838_zps8m6j8fm2.png  photo IMG_0841_zpsxc0mx0pu.png  photo IMG_0840_zpsp2kryijq.png  photo IMG_0831_zpsptez8a3l.png  photo IMG_0828_zpss26nmphm.png

Park City Flying All Stars

One weekend this month we went up to Park City to the Olympic Training Park.  They put on a show called the flying all stars where some past Olympic skiers and Olympic hopefuls put on a show going off jumps into the water.  Amazing what these athletes can do! They also have a climbing wall over the water and a professional rock climber showed off how to climb that. After the show we went to the outlets there and did a little back to school shopping for Brooklyn.  photo IMG_0403_zpsn0iiakyc.jpg  photo IMG_0430_zpsnztce0mm.jpg  photo IMG_0446_zps5yefjlw6.jpg  photo IMG_0461_zpsrjgcradr.jpg  photo IMG_0494_zpsadd1vjfv.jpg  photo IMG_0522_zps7fca94a1.jpg

First Week of Preschool

 photo IMG_0536_zpspvyhaufg.jpg  photo IMG_0539_zps00cpufzy.jpg  photo IMG_0540_zpsz9kou3cb.jpg Brooklyn started her first week of preschool this past week! She has been asking about preschool for months so we were both happy when it was finally time.  We are doing a preschool co-op with four other families in our neighborhood this year.  We rotate hosting and planning the lessons from the online curriculum we are following and this first week was my turn.  I loved being able to plan lessons again and get into teacher mode.
Coincidently we have all girls in our group and they are a fun group.
This week we focused on the number zero, the colors black, blue and white, the story of the creation, and the book "The Five Little Ducks".
Some of our activities included:
Making homemade ice cream.  photo IMG_0541_zpsxpllrdxi.jpg  photo IMG_0551_zpsgkuojxn1.jpg Acting out The Five Little Ducks
A game of "putting out the fire" using sidewalk chalk and sponges with water.  photo IMG_0561_zpspwaf0rad.jpg Blowing puff balls with a straw to the corresponding color of paper.  photo IMG_0557_zpsgg6ywmb4.jpg

Trip to Capitol Reef National Park

This was the last weekend of Thomas' two week summer break so we made a last minute decision to book a hotel and spend a day and a half at Capitol Reef National Park in Southern Utah.  photo IMG_0620_zpsdtgugmfk.jpg  photo IMG_0632_zpsbhrnryqk.jpg  photo IMG_0570_zps75nb5lgf.jpg  photo IMG_0571_zpsuw39t9ud.jpg We left Saturday morning and arrived around lunchtime.  Stopped at the visitors center for a map and then headed to a u-pick orchard in the park for lunch and to get some apples.  photo IMG_0576_zpsghjrcvxu.jpg Attempted a hike but after about a 1/4 mile we weren't sure if we were on the right path and it was hot so we headed to the hotel for a swim.  On the way back to the hotel we passed a spot that had some petroglyphs and it was right when a park ranger was doing a presentation on them so we stopped for that.  photo IMG_0597_zpsp1w2flqe.jpg  photo IMG_0599_zpswh6jn4it.jpg  photo IMG_0600_zpstqevf9rp.jpg

At the hotel we had the pool and hot tub to ourselves and this was Brooklyn's favorite part of the trip.  Thomas and I were taking turns swimming laps and competing to see who could swim the length of the pool and back fastest and Brooklyn wanted to join.  She swam with her puddle jumper on the length of the pool! And without any assistance.  photo IMG_0601_zps7tlafutu.jpg  photo IMG_0604_zpsvmz4wbbq.jpg  photo IMG_0607_zpshsehnyoy.jpg
After swimming we cleaned up and went to a Mexican restaurant for dinner and then relaxed at our hotel.

The next morning we were up early to hike and explore. We went on three separate hikes and once it started to heat up too much were headed on the way home.  photo IMG_0580_zpsgav3m0fn.jpg  photo IMG_0584_zpsxk1ketsg.jpg  photo IMG_0594_zpszajufn7j.jpg  photo IMG_0588_zpsxe3rl6o6.jpg  photo IMG_0741_zpsop2ow536.jpg  photo IMG_0745_zpssmsog2tc.jpg  photo IMG_0748_zps43hqgfgx.jpg  photo IMG_0752_zpsfhdpbthg.jpg  photo IMG_0747_zpsppsznh1n.jpg  photo IMG_0749_zps5hif9tpk.jpg  photo IMG_0758_zpsfmvjzlys.jpg  photo IMG_0757_zpsdr6zuuid.jpg  photo IMG_0766_zpsq91igjve.jpg  photo IMG_0760_zpsmzb1pboe.jpg  photo IMG_0759_zpswtvctui2.jpg  photo IMG_0762_zpspaxxbq4h.jpg  photo IMG_0774_zpswhhoqnhq.jpg  photo IMG_0776_zpszicaxkui.jpg  photo IMG_0777_zpsfzlou2xm.jpg  photo IMG_0773_zps696c1aia.jpg  photo IMG_0785_zpswqftbwpg.jpg  photo IMG_0788_zpshpcrc8de.jpg  photo IMG_0780_zpse8cdaw0v.jpg  photo IMG_0795_zpsjmd1gagj.jpg  photo IMG_0791_zpst3fla9hr.jpg  photo IMG_0792_zpsk2srwnor.jpg  photo IMG_0801_zpsaee6o8oo.jpg  photo IMG_0809_zpsuybaqeut.jpg  photo IMG_0806_zpsbpjdambk.jpg  photo IMG_0812_zpssk2qombd.jpg  photo IMG_0823_zpsdqlojxqz.jpg  photo IMG_0819_zpsuvwtrtfq.jpg  photo IMG_0813_zpsbcilazqu.jpg  photo IMG_0808_zpsxrpgv7wi.jpg  photo IMG_0778_zpsxwc6e9lm.jpg
 photo IMG_0772_zpscwvh1euy.jpg
On our way out of the park we stopped at the Old Fruita Schoolhouse that was built in the early 1900's.  photo IMG_0767_zpse1li4xuu.jpg  photo IMG_0769_zpskdce0281.jpg

A quick fun trip to top off our adventures this summer.