Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Claws N' Paws

The Zoo Boise gives community members a Christmas present in the form of free zoo entry on this particular day in December.  We had been wanting to take my parents to see the zoo since they are the ones who buy us a membership each year so it was perfect timing that they were here when it was free admission.  photo 20141206_130801_zpsf14142dd.jpg  photo 20141206_130624_zps45d65fb6.jpg  photo 20141206_130711_zps3b472678.jpg  photo IMG_5949_zps96baf5f1.jpg  photo IMG_5948_zps3350415e.jpg  photo 20141206_120813_zps0e3faa6d.jpg  photo 20141206_120649_zps1b13374c.jpg

Horse Drawn Carriage Ride and Meridian Winter Lights Parade

On this particular night of my parents week long visit we went downtown for a horse and carriage ride.  Washington Trust Bank was offering them and we aren't ones to turn down something free! I expected there to be a long line since it was a Friday night downtown but there wasn't anybody else waiting.  We enjoyed some complimentary hot chocolate as the horses were being switched out and then went on a lovely little carriage ride around a few blocks of downtown Boise.  photo 20141205_170224_zpsff521958.jpg  photo 20141205_170520_zps2bbbf99d.jpg  photo 20141205_170718_zpsfd1b71f1.jpg  photo 20141205_170726_zps8ece0851.jpg We asked someone to take a group picture of us and this is what we got :(.  photo 20141205_170253_zps02aa4a88.jpg  photo IMG_5901_zps00c6c146.jpg
 After the carriage ride and dinner we drove to Meridian for our first year attending the Meridian Winter Lights Parade. It was a foggy night but pretty warm.  Brooklyn got the hang of waving to the people on the floats.  Lots of candy canes were given by parade participants.  The floats weren't too spectacular but the Christmasy vibe was there and we all enjoyed ourselves.
 photo IMG_5912_zps0fb7bb13.jpg  photo IMG_5917_zpsc58c6d5b.jpg  photo IMG_5923_zps61f9a3e8.jpg  photo IMG_5931_zpsfe789bac.jpg  photo IMG_5932_zpsc46822ef.jpg  photo IMG_5936_zps4877d5f7.jpg  photo IMG_5938_zpsb0a47254.jpg  photo IMG_5946_zpsbbea85bd.jpg

Nana and Pops Visit Winter 2014

My parents came to visit for a week the beginning of December.  We had lots of fun activities planned while they were here.  Brooklyn had the time of her life getting so much love and attention. She was literally bouncing all over the place their whole visit.
We took them with us to pre-school open gym at the community center, Danik Gymnastics open play, Cabella's to see the fish and all the stuffed animals, art class, and lots of different holiday activities.
Manicures with Nana.  photo 20141203_160133_zpsceb59429.jpg  photo 20141203_160557_zps3faca665.jpg
Looking at pictures and videos with Pops.  photo IMG_5891_zpsddaca01c.jpg
Brooklyn kept asking Pops to wrap her up in a blanket like a burrito (her cousin Adam taught her this when he was here for Thanksgiving). She also wanted Pops to get a big blanket and be a burrito too.  photo 20141204_090129_zps2d699159.jpg Cabelas  photo 20141204_114431_zpsf40064e2.jpg  photo 20141204_114906_zpsb34b8355.jpg
We had some things to get from Fred Meyer's and Brooklyn really wanted to go into the child watch there. Fine by me!  photo 20141204_181525_zps3cc3ce08.jpg
Brooklyn LOVES to hide from people. She especially loved hiding under the pillows on the couch and having her Pops come find her and tickle her.  photo 20141205_130929_zps99658391.jpg
Crazy girl was hanging from the stockings while we were all sitting around chatting.  photo IMG_5953_zps18a5e14d.jpg Cuddles with Nana.  photo IMG_6054_zpsc90b802d.jpg

November Photo Dump

Brooklyn loves to feel Thomas' stubble and will ask "You have scratchies?"

 photo IMG_5766_zpsa2a44d81.jpg
Brooklyn got a random rash for a few days on her stomach and back accompanied by a cold. I didn't realize that kids will often get what they call "viral" rashes when they have colds. It's happened a couple times now and doctor says it's pretty normal and not something you have to take them in for.  photo IMG_5591_zps5a13ab35.jpg  photo IMG_5741_zps0b015839.jpg
Being a silly and trying on my socks.  photo IMG_5698_zpsfb6684f6.jpg
I attempted to recreate the braid Laria did in her hair when she got her haircut.  photo IMG_5602_zpsa1a64095.jpg One snowy Saturday morning we headed to DK Donuts for some fresh donuts and a smoothie.  photo IMG_5562_zpsd39ff413.jpg
I subscribed for a month to Naturebox. They send you 5 bags of healthier snacks each month for $25. The snacks were original and yummy but very small serving sizes and I get basically eat a whole bag in one sitting and it wasn't worth the calories or price per bag.  photo IMG_5691_zps464e8113.jpg
Brooklyn got a couple vaccinations at her 2 1/2 year checkup. She was SOOOOO brave. I had never been more proud of her. When the nurse was going to give her the shots I told Brooklyn it was going to hurt but she could say "OW!" and it would be over quick. I also reminded her of the Daniel Tiger episode where they sing "close your eyes and think of something better". The first shot she said "ow" the second shot it was "OWWWW!!!!" but no tears! This was the first doctors visit ever without any tears. She weighed in at 27lbs (36th percentile) and was 33.5 inches (13th percentile).   photo IMG_5687_zpsdec6a98f.jpg
Cousin Vona and Brooky brushing their teeth together over Skype.  photo IMG_5598_zps841070ee.png  photo IMG_5597_zpsaae8b00e.png
These are her "Gloss" and she loves to be a scary monster with them in.  photo IMG_5517_zpsa49492f5.jpg
Photo by Brooklyn at the zoo.  photo IMG_5504_zpsac3d7ab7.jpg
Playing around at the toy store.  photo IMG_5474_zps6dec1445.jpg  photo IMG_5475_zps236951a7.jpg
The Christmas dress Nana and Pops got her. They always buy the cousins christmas outfits each year.  photo IMG_5481_zps5bb8d0fe.jpg The zoo.  photo IMG_5488_zps256850a2.jpg
I love finding selfies like these on my phone.  photo IMG_5407_zps651da586.jpg  photo IMG_5378_zps8f118028.jpg  photo IMG_5424_zpsa8a3adc4.jpg
Brooklyn LOVES these things that you see outside of businesses. She calls them "fly guys". And while we are driving will say "I want to see the fly guys". At first it was just "I want to see the guy". And we would be confused to who she was talking about but then we figured it out. My dad took this picture and sent it to me not even knowing that she loved them just randomly thought Brooklyn would like it.  photo IMG_5476_zpse4fd852f.jpg
Ring around the rosies at yoga.  photo IMG_5358_zps8542078e.jpg My grandpa was featured in the newspaper because a neighbor always noticed him going on his daily two mile walk with his walker and picking up garbage. He is 92 years old. He hands out business cards that say "Lee Clement 92 year old grouch".  photo grandpawalking_zps526bec05.jpg Molly O'Brien invited Brooklyn over for a tea party one day. They are the cutest little girly girl friends.  photo 10411812_10152776457663116_2204485263571850443_n_zps44571785.jpg