Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Elf on the Shelf 2017

Thomas pretty much got the job of moving our elf, Donald, this year. I would inevitably get in bed and be just about asleep when I’d remember the elf needed to be moved. I’d text Thomas who was usually still awake and would be surprised along with Brooklyn with what are elf was up to that morning.

I love how excited Brooklyn was each morning to go and find Donald. She is already anticipating his return next Christmas season.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

Wells 7 months

Wells at 7 months: 

Can sit unassisted for a minute or so.

Likes all the food he has tried. Cucumber, berries, peas, hummus, banana, black beans, naan, and oranges.

Rolls to his side and then pushes up with one arm like he’s trying to sit up.

Gets his knees tucked underneath in the crawling position.

Size 3 diapers

9 & 12 month clothes

3 naps a day. Usually two of the naps are an hour and one is two hours. 

Still waking up to eat a couple times a night. We got a week of him sleeping through the night after his 6 month appointment but then he got sick. He also started doing this yell that is soooo loud that we don’t want it to wake Brooklyn up so I cave and nurse him. Smart little trickster.

Got his bottom two teeth on 12/2/17. He was fussy a couple days and then they popped through! 

Started saying “da-da-da-da”. He will kind of whisper it, like he’s testing out his coice and not sure about it. It’s adorable.

Will play peek-a-boo by covering his face with something and pulling it down to smile.

His hair is so fluffy, like the down on a baby chick. It just sticks straight up. He gets lots of comments on his chubby cheeks and fluffy hair.

Brooklyn wanted to see what he looks like with a bow.

Likes playing in his jumper.

At Wells’ 6 month appointment his doctor noticed a small bump on his head that she wanted to get an ultrasound for. It looks to be a dermoid cyst which will need to be removed by a pediatric neurosurgeon in Portland at the children’s hospital. We have our consult with the neurosurgeon in a couple weeks and will schedule surgery after the consultation. The cyst isn’t dangerous unless it grows through the skull and gets to his brain so that’s why it needs to be removed. 

I love this little man of mine. He is such a trooper and pretty much content wherever we go and whatever we are doing. I can put him in the baby carrier and he is a happy camper. 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

New Years Eve

The cousins rang in the new year first with a dance party to songs like "The Macarena" and dances from The Fitness Marshall's YouTube page. 
They did their countdown outside and when they get to zero blew their noise makers and threw confetti. Then they went inside to toast to the new year. 

Once the kids were in bed the adults had a wild night playing a new card game that Thomas got me called Dutch Blitz.  It's a cross between Solitaire and Speed.  Super fun.  Some of the adults stayed up till 3am playing!

We are excited for the many adventures to come in 2018!

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Christmas Day 2017

The kids actually slept later than expected this year! I think Brooklyn woke up around 8pm after a late couple of nights previously. 
Brooklyn’s big Santa gift this year was a 6 month baking subscription. Her first box was there Christmas morning and was gingerbread cookies that she got to make and decorate with her cousins later in the week.
  Wells’ “big” gift was some bandana bibs with attached little teething toys.

I was so excited to get Brooklyn and Wells matching Christmas pajamas. Wells’ say “Baby Bear” and Brooklyn’s say “Sister Bear”.

We caught a picture of Santa! Alex, my nephew, really wanted me to leave my camera out so we could catch him.

Brooklyn loves this eye mask she got. Her and Vona were really into Nellie’s play make up.

Brooklyn got the game “Speak Out Kids vs. Parents” and we were crying from laughing so hard! You put a plastic contraption in your mouth that makes you talk funny, then read a phrase from a card and your team tries to guess what you are saying. 

After all the presents were opened we played the adult and kids $10 gift exchange gift. Always a hit. This year the cell phone Popsockets were the coveted gift.