Friday, February 28, 2014

February Photodump

 photo IMG_2096_zpse1b5c42d.jpg
Modeling her new sunhat.
 photo IMG_2094_zps17d690f7.jpg
Holding hands at the zoo with Hallie.
 photo IMG_2093_zps53d62cfd.jpg
They love each other.
 photo IMG_2088_zpse4bd2a95.jpg
Checking out the jellyfish at the zoo.
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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Valentine's Day 2014

Thomas surprised me a couple days before Valentine's day with wildflowers in a mason jar and dark chocolate. (He knew he wouldn't be around the next two days). The day before Valentine's day Brooklyn and I went to a play date at Jump Time with Boise Babies and Tots play group. There were about 20 kids and we all exchanged valentine's. Brooklyn loved opening her valentines. I had fun deciding what to do for Brooklyn's valentines. She loves bubbles so we used that as our theme.  photo IMG_1990_zpsa1126de7.jpg  photo IMG_1994_zps035b913a.jpg  photo IMG_1995_zps779f2ce9.jpg
Valentine's morning Brooklyn woke up and opened her presents from her nana and Grandma Sandee and us. She loved the card her Nana gave her and the next couple mornings wanted me to read it to her. I think she liked hearing her name.  photo IMG_2009_zps6507415a.jpg  photo IMG_2005_zps4283bafd.jpg  photo IMG_2006_zps39f3e4ce.jpg  photo IMG_2024_zpse5d4d4f9.jpg  photo IMG_2029_zpsedade837.jpg That afternoon our friends Kelsey and Haley came over to decorate sugar cookies which we stopped by Thomas' work along with dinner that night.  photo IMG_2027_zps7d35878e.jpg  photo IMG_2013_zpsed6b3c64.jpg
Saturday night Thomas took me to see a ballet performance of Ballet Idaho and out to dinner. I loved having time alone and getting dressed up.  photo IMG_2038_zps5ccfb714.jpg  photo IMG_2032_zpsd7271ddd.jpg  photo IMG_2034_zpsfa41d6d0.jpg  photo IMG_2040_zpsf1d24ee7.jpg  photo IMG_2041_zpsdadef6a4.jpg The next morning we woke up and Brooklyn's hair was standing straight up like this from playing beauty shop with Grandma. She was happy to get a new monkey binky for Valentine's day along with some books and a couple hot wheels from Thomas and I.

Nana's Visit

My mom came to visit shortly after the New Year. It was so nice to have Brooklyn spend time with her Nana and love on her.  It was also nice to have someone here to keep me company while Thomas was at school and working.
We went to pre-school open gym, a play date to do a story nature walk, a yoga class, and my mom did a bunch of handy jobs around our apartment.  My mom and I were able sneak out one day during nap time to see the movie "Saving Mr. Banks".  All of us went out to dinner at our favorite mexican restaurant one night and then to a basque restaurant for their chocolate pudding that is DIVINE!
Nana made cookies with Brooklyn (she also made sure to always have some "choc-ut" in her purse for her).  The stool Brooklyn is standing on is called a learning tower and is a mama's sanity saver. Before getting it if I was in the kitchen doing anything Brooklyn would cry and cry wanting me to hold her.  Now I can put her right up to the counter or sink and she can be right next to me. She also likes to be in front of the bathroom sink and look at herself in the mirror and play in the water, look out the windows, and stand next to light switches to flick them on and off.

 photo IMG_1822_zpsa937d467.jpg

 photo IMG_1819_zps989b6a4a.jpg
Brooklyn says "shake, shake" whenever we use sprinkles or spices.
My mom came at the perfect time. I had been looking for a toy storage organizer with baskets to put Brooklyn's toys. I had a friend who had gotten one from Costco awhile ago but they hadn't had them in stock for a long time. My mom has a Costco membership and we went to check and they had them in stock! Plus she was able to put it together for us.
 photo IMG_1842_zps8635eb60.jpg
Making music with Nana.
 photo IMG_1827_zpse6c5202e.jpg
Nana's little helper
 photo IMG_1826_zps2483370e.jpg
Takes her job seriously.
 photo IMG_1820_zpsde52d7df.jpg
Watching movies of herself on Nana's phone.
 photo IMG_1805_zpsa42efe35.jpg
Tree swing.
 photo IMG_1802_zpsd725aa56.jpg
Kids in snowsuits, so cute!
Loved having my mom here and can't wait for her to come back!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Photo Dump December

Brooklyn loves these puppets she got for Christmas she puts them on and says "He-whoooooaaaaa!" (Hello)
 photo IMG_1783_zpsdca19420.jpg

I curse these ipads and computers at the library. We can no longer leave without a toddler tantrum.
 photo IMG_1780_zpse8ae77ce.jpg

Brooklyn now calls all letter "P" and sometimes she'll grab a fridge magnet and say the "K" sound over and over.
 photo IMG_1670_zpsd391cf87.jpg

Winter/Christmas Festivities

The first big snow of the season we got Brooklyn all bundled up to play in the snow.  I got so mad at Thomas when he threw some snow at Brooklyn and she started crying.  Did make for a pretty funny picture.  But so sad.
 photo IMG_1650_zps5657ef55.jpg
My cuties
 photo IMG_1646_zpseebf9fb9.jpg
Loving the snow at first.
 photo IMG_1644_zps4fa3477a.jpg
Playing with Dad in the snow.
 photo IMG_1645_zps0f878b7e.jpg
Poor baby!
While playing at the mall play area Santa and his Mrs. Clause came by to let us know Mrs. Clause would be doing a story time.  We went and listened to a few stories and Brooklyn was happy to get a candy cane.
 photo IMG_1614_zps6b6b14fd.jpg
Mrs. Clause even had an Elmo Christmas book!
We went to the library junior performance of the Nutcracker and afterwards Brooklyn got to twirl around with some of the dancers.

 photo IMG_1639_zps2fc4deb9.jpg
The Nutcraker
Playing in a paper bag with Dad.
 photo IMG_1653_zpsb58b8b3c.jpg

 photo IMG_1655_zpsc7324514.jpg

 photo IMG_1636_zpse1ed14c5.jpg
Checking out Great-Grandma Clement's snow globe.

Brooklyn 20 months

 photo IMG_1859_zps5c23ba10.jpg
Love my sweetie!
 photo IMG_1850_zps546ad8c7.jpg
So grown up.
I have a toddler!!!!! I love Brooklyn's personality and it just shines through more and more every day.  There are seriously some days that overnight she just seems older and more able to express herself.  Some tidbits of information about Brooklyn at 20 months:
- She sleeps with her plush Elmo and Cookie monster at night and her Sesame Street blanket and her elephant binky.
- She sleeps from 8pm-8am but usually will just sit in her crib and talk and play til 8:30pm.
- Wears size 3 diapers
- Wears size 5 shoe
- Wears 18 month clothes but is starting to fit in some 2T clothes as well.
- Loves bubbles and asks for them every day.  She likes us to blow them and then I give her a small empty bottle and blower so she can pretend to blow too.
- Loves play-dough.
 photo IMG_1810_zps55579c79.jpg
Making Play-Dough "pastee".
- Plays with her teeter totter everyday and sings "teeter-totter" as she does it.
 photo IMG_1862_zps1c77db25.jpg
She can go in the middle and "totter" on her own but she usually wants one of us to totter with her.
- Likes to do ring-a-round the rosies.
- Loves music and dancing.  We just enrolled her in a class called "Boogey Babies" that is a musical movement class and she has had a blast.
 photo IMG_1878_zps779dc923.jpg
Playing her maracas while wearing her mama's "farf".
- The other day we were walking outside and someone we passed said to me "Your baby is cute!".  Brooklyn then looked at me and said "Mama cute!".
- We have these bingo stampers that I was teaching her how to use by saying "poke a dot" every time we stamped down to make a dot.  So now she really likes "polka dots"  and how she says it is just too adorable.
- Can count to three.
- Loves watching Sesame Street.  The characters she can name and gets excited about are Elmo, "Monster", Abby, and Ernie.  (I personally think Murray is hilarious).
- Has started nursery and has stayed the full two hours without Thomas or I.
-For a while when I would ask her to do something she would say "Oh sure!" and then run and go do it.  Cracked me up.
- When you get a camera or phone out to take a picture of her she immediately says "I see?" and will run over to look at the picture or video (a lot of times before you have even taken one!).
- Will mimic Thomas when he is watching football and yell "Go! Go! Go!" and "Yay!!".
- When I go into her room in the morning she immediately starts labeling things in her crib/room or body parts.
- Eggs are probably the one food we can count on her consistently eating. She is the pickiest eater ever! I really struggle finding foods she will eat. But she'll try random things like wasabi peas, plain salsa by the spoonful, and lemons.
 photo IMG_1795_zpse1876ff1.jpg
Eating salsa by the spoonful.
 photo IMG_1792_zps4b6c51a0.jpg
Wouldn't eat the baked potato with a fork.
 photo IMG_1925_zpsa3f97e66.jpg
 photo IMG_1909_zpsb04bfc57.jpg
Trying wasabi peas.
 photo IMG_1879_zpse3cc8890.jpg
One thing she will always eat is chocolate.  I blame my mom.
 - Still has some stranger danger but does really well in playgroups and with her friends and at nursery.
- When we go to the bathroom she will sit on her little toilet and pretend to go potty too.
- Her best friend is Hallie and she talks about her every day.
- When she starts to get upset and whinying for something the trick is to say "Oh! It sounds like this.." and she usually calms down and tries asking nicely.
-Can rock a full ponytail and pigtails.

 photo IMG_1856_zps93952e93.jpg
Big girl ponytail.
- When we have our computer out she wants hers out too. While Nana was here visiting she would sit at the table with her computer. So after awhile Brooklyn wanted to sit at a table with her computer as well.
 photo IMG_1854_zpsabb8d663.jpg
Little secretary.
 photo IMG_1814_zps890fbdea.jpg
Working at Nana's computer.