Sunday, August 24, 2014

Glide Bike

Brooklyn has had a tricycle that her Great Grandma Golladay purchased for her last year.  I really liked it because I didn't have to bend over to push it, it had a handle.  Recently. she has been swatting my hand away and saying "I do it! I do it!". The only problem was she still couldn't quite reach the peddles.
A friend from playgroup had recommended a certain brand of balance bike because the seat went down really low for shorter kids.  We tried a few out at stores around town but all the seats were way too high at even the lowest point.
Brooklyn likes to take her bike everywhere with us so we basically just keep it in the back of the car.  She isn't quite at the gliding point but I am very impressed with her skill thus far.  This picture is of last year about the same time. Look how much she's changed!!! Her cousin Kaden is pushing her on the trike.  photo IMG_0702_zps4017e6fd.jpg  photo IMG_4189_zps5720c00c.jpg  photo IMG_4188_zps24f3cdf4.jpg She had just woken up from her nap and was so excited to see her new bike all assembled. We had been talking about it for the week leading up to its delivery and watched some YouTube videos of other kids her age riding them.  photo IMG_4183_zps19039c24.jpg

Friday, August 22, 2014

July Photodump

We wanted to try out the movie theater with Brooklyn one Saturday. We went to the cheap theater and picked a kid friendly movie "Rio 2". She lasted about 30 minutes. Once she was full of popcorn and candy she just wanted to run up and down the aisles and try to escape out the emergency exit doors. We headed out so that the rest of the patrons could enjoy the movie and on our way through the lobby Brooklyn noticed the arcade games. She might have spent more time "playing" the games than in the actual movie. We'll try the theater idea in another couple years.  photo IMG_3594_zps664b3a7c.jpg
Brooklyn frequently puts her sunglasses on upside down. And she got a Hello Kitty romper for her birthday and it has become one of her fave things to wear. If she sees it in her drawer she HAS to wear it. Therefore any Hello Kitty merchandise is appealing to her.  photo IMG_3596_zps619bb865.jpg
 Lots of visits to the splash pad in July.  photo IMG_3602_zps71011d52.jpg  photo IMG_4080_zps9af8c867.jpg  photo IMG_4088_zpsfd57a38b.jpg
 photo IMG_4089_zps4c8a6e61.jpg
 photo IMG_4082_zps99d011db.jpg
 "I wanna take a selfie Mom." My two year old knows what a selfie is.  photo IMG_3611_zps4be5f3c0.jpg
Bedtime routine with Dad. Melts my heart. If we are both home then she insists that we both participate in reading books and singing songs.  photo IMG_3632_zps7a38b0b8.jpg There were some REALLY hot days in July so in the afternoon after nap time we hit up Jump Time.  photo IMG_3678_zps4dee9836.jpg
 Playing with Dad's lab goggles.  photo IMG_4134_zps95e46506.jpg
We like to go down to The Grove in downtown Boise to let Brooklyn play in the fountain and enjoy the downtown atmosphere. This photo makes me laugh.  photo IMG_4103_zps658594d7.jpg  photo IMG_4109_zps96fa70b2.jpg  photo IMG_4106_zpsc8d96e9c.jpg
One of our nearby parks, Williams, is so perfect. The playground equipment is completely shaded and there is usually only a couple people if anyone there. It's about a mile from our place.  photo IMG_4012_zps852c855a.jpg  photo IMG_4011_zps516c1ecf.jpg  photo IMG_4010_zps1f406e81.jpg  photo IMG_4018_zpsd9efe110.jpg  photo IMG_3764_zps27513bf2.jpg  photo IMG_3866_zps1f6515d7.jpg

Zoo Trips in July

We hit up the zoo a couple times in July to take advantage of our membership.  The first trip was our little fam and the second trip I met my friend Laria and the one of the little boys she nannies.

 photo IMG_4198_zpsb7b66bff.jpg  photo IMG_4199_zps60f69561.jpg  photo IMG_4150_zps006261ac.jpg  photo IMG_4144_zpsad468313.jpg  photo IMG_3807_zpsc75d7fb3.jpg  photo IMG_3824_zps66cd6944.jpg  photo IMG_3804_zpsbbf545dc.jpg  photo IMG_3788_zps16903bb8.jpg

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Tubb Family Visits Boise

We felt blessed to have a lot of friends and family come and visit in the month of July.  Thomas' sister Angie and her family came to Boise for about a week this past month.
While they were here we checked off one of our summer bucket list items to go do the paddle boats at Julia Davis Park.
Thomas, his dad, and brother in law Michael all went and hiked Table Rock while the girls went and played at the botanical gardens and at the park.
One evening while they were here we went to a splash pad near Thomas' parents house and then walked over to the Village shopping area and Thomas' mom let all the kids fill up a bag of candy from the candy store.  While the kids at their candy we sat and enjoyed the fountain and light display.
Other fun activities included an afternoon at the pool and lunch out at our favorite Mexican restaurant La Tapatia.
Brooklyn is in LOVE with her cousins and those girls just adore her as well.  They all love to hold her hand and carry her and Brooklyn loves to do and say whatever they are doing.
Kylie who is four liked to sit at the bar area at Grandma's house and drink strawberry milk from a princess cup with a spoon.  Now when Brooklyn goes to Grandma's house she asks to do the same thing.  And Kylie would comment to Brooklyn "Your messy!" and now Brooklyn makes sure to tell us whenever we are "messy". I love the tender relationship between my girl and her cousins.  photo IMG_3811_zps0d288ca5.jpg  photo IMG_3814_zps762d9d2d.jpg  photo IMG_3816_zps5206cfd4.jpg  photo IMG_3821_zps8ff9278d.jpg  photo IMG_3847_zps0fb50c55.jpg  photo IMG_3755_zpsba960477.jpg  photo IMG_3746_zpsdfdadba8.jpg  photo IMG_3745_zps1bd14f22.jpg  photo IMG_3748_zpsef522c06.jpg  photo IMG_3734_zps6a5f4163.jpg  photo IMG_3733_zps932c52da.jpg  photo IMG_3720_zpsc2650168.jpg  photo IMG_3716_zps91a291b5.jpg  photo IMG_3711_zpsfec6dc7a.jpg

Moss Family Visits Boise

One of my best friends from high school, Lauren (Olander) Moss, passed through Boise in July with her family and stayed a night with us.
I hadn't met Lauren's one year old daughter Emery yet and was excited for her Brooklyn to meet and play together.  So crazy to think of us in high school and now with two little toddlers playing together!
We took the girls to The Grove Plaza downtown to let them play in the fountain and then meandered down to the basque festival that was going on and listened to some authentic basque music and watched people dance.  We BBQ'd that night and after the girls were in bed sat outside and roasted marshmallows and ate smore's.  Our late night ended by watching funny videos on YouTube. Loved having my sweet friend come visit!
 photo IMG_4129_zpsf3da3b0b.jpg
Reading books before bedtime with their Daddies
 photo IMG_4122_zpse71a45a8.jpg  photo IMG_4133_zpscfc50da0.jpg  photo IMG_4125_zpsbdefb0c6.jpg