Sunday, July 29, 2012

Back to running

I've started running again to train for a half marathon at the end of September.  I knew I would be slower but I didn't think I would be this slow! Haha! The last time I ran while I was pregnant I ran faster than I have been now.  I'm not really disappointed about my times just because I'm happy to be able to run and I know it takes time to get back in shape.  Thomas reminds me that this race is not going to be a PR setting race but rather a "bringing sexy back" race.  Haha!
Today I ran 6 miles at a 10:15/mile pace and it felt really good.  I think the biggest challenge is getting used to running for that long mentally.  Last week when I did 5 miles I had to stop and walk some and this time I just pushed through mentally and made it without walking. 
I love that the greenbelt is only .75 miles from our apartment and there are a bunch of different paths you can take to change things up.  I am missing my running buddies in Yakima and our routes there though.  I was telling Thomas the other night how it's so much better with a buddy because when you say you are going to go running at 6am, you won't flake if there is someone there waiting for you.  I was supposed to run 6 miles on Saturday, had my clothes laid out, gear ready, alarm set, but then just wasn't feeling it all day.  Since Brooklyn woke up to eat at 6:30am this morning I figured I might as well take advantage of being awake and get my run taken care of.  I'm so glad I did. It was perfect weather and so nice to be out on a quite Sunday morning. 

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Breastfeeding Part 2

I have been waiting to give an update on how breastfeeding is going til the issues have been resolved. After two months they seem to be almost resolved.
We've gone to four physical therapy/cranial-sacral sessions to help with the tight tongue and that seems to have improved a ton! I think that was causing a lot of the initial pain when she was latching on.
We have also been taking her to the chiropractor four times a week to help with the tightness in her neck and back.  We are hoping that will help more with her digestion.
The last time I went to the lactation consultant which was last week she thought I might have a yeast infection.  So I am taking medicine and giving medicine to Brooklyn so it doesn't pass back and forth between us.  Since starting the medicine I have seen improvement and even had one pain free feeding!! I am going to do one more weeks worth of medicine in hopes that the discomfort will completely go away.
I have been super diligent about boiling pacifiers, pump accessories, bottle nipples, medicine syringes.  And we are both taking pro-biotics and washing clothes with vinegar (that's supposed to help kill the yeast).  So hopefully the diligence will help. 
Another issue we have been having is that Brooklyn just gets so fussy and wants to be bounced and it seems like her stomach is hurting her.  So I had tried going off dairy a couple weeks ago but wasn't really faithful about it so I didn't notice a difference.  But after a couple of rough days I decided to give it another shot and 100% take dairy out of my diet.  So far it seems to be making a positive difference. 
I love those chubby cheeks and gotta keep them chubby :)

Friday, July 27, 2012

2 Months

This pretty little lady is two months now!

We took her to her two month check-up today and she was in the 50th percentile for height (21 1/4 inches), weight (10lbs 6 oz), and head circumference (?).

We are doing an alternate vaccine schedule where she gets all her shots but they are spread out so she just gets two shots per visit and goes in for shots more often.  I didn't think I would vary from the regular vaccine schedule til we had Brooklyn and then I just realized that her body is so small and it seemed like an overload to give her so many shots at once.  I read "The Vaccine Book: Making the Right Decision for Your Child" and both Thomas and I agreed we felt most comfortable doing the alternate schedule. 
It's really hard making these kind of decisions. So many opinions and I am totally a people pleaser so it's hard to do something different than what some people think.  But in the end you just have to research things and pray about it and then just go with what you think is best.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012


Yesterday Brooklyn rolled over twice from her stomach to her back.  The first time I didn't see it but I had put her down for a nap on her stomach (it's the only way she will sleep) and when I looked on the video monitor she was on her back.
Later that day she was making some noise over the monitor so I was watching it and I saw her do it.  She gets stuck on her side for a minute or two but then pushes onto her back.
This little chica is STRONG!!!
Another recent development is her grabbing onto things (especially my hair!) but on her playmat the flower that dangles down has a handle that if you grab will play a song.  At first I thought it was an accident but I got out the camera again and she grabbed it again!

Brooklyn's First Playdate

A couple of my friends who are first time moms and just had babies came over to our house for a little playdate.  At this point the babies just eat and sleep pretty much but it's fun for us moms to be able to share stories and be able to relate to each other. 
Korbin is a week and a half older than Brooklyn and Stella is just a day younger than Brooklyn.
I think Brooklyn's screaming is scaring Korbin :)

Korbin: "Ah yaaaaa!!"

Tummy time, so much better when you do it with friends.
We are planning on starting a babysitting co-op in August where one couple watches the other two couples' kids so the other two couples get to go on a date and then we switch.  Might be a little crazy watching three infants at one time but should be so worth it to get two free nights of babysitting a month. 
I'm so glad to have friends around who have new babies.

Sunday, July 22, 2012

26th Birthday

I had a wonderful 26th birthday :) Thomas planned a BBQ on Saturday and we invited our friends and their little families over for hamburgers, hotdogs, and Dairy Queen ice cream cake.  We were planning on going to a movie in the park but just had too much fun chatting and lost track of time. 
Thomas got me an I-pod touch which was an upgrade from my I-pod nano that I recently lost.  I'm excited to use the I-trip cord he ordered so we can listen to songs from the I-pod when we are traveling. 
After everybody left Brooklyn went to sleep and we rented "The Help" from Redbox and had a nice quite evening together on the couch.
Brooklyn and Korbin a week and a half apart in age.

Ryan and Graham Smith with neighbor boys Noah and Adrian

Dan and Lyndsay Howell (Korbin on playmat) Tess and Penny Smith

Thomas with our awesome neighbor Heather

Happy Birthday to me
And Brookie's gift to me was to sleep all through church and take lots of naps and give me cute little smiles :)

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Brooklyn Lately

-Brooklyn has started doing a boo-boo lip and it's pretty darn cute.  It's like she's trying to decide sometimes between smiling and crying and the boo-boo lip comes out.
-She's also started sleeping in her crib during naps.  Before she would just cry as soon as you set her down but now even if she wakes up slightly she'll put herself back to sleep.
-She now sucks her hand if she loses her binky.
-She weighed 10lbs 2oz (with clothes and diaper on) when I weighed her at new mom's group this week. 
- She slept for seven hours one night this past week and 6 1/2 hours another night.
- She usually takes one 3 hours nap throughout the day.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Berry picking and duck feeding

Some things I forgot to post about in our trip to Yakima:
We went with my mom, Uncle Lance, his wife Donna, son Aidan, and Thomas' mom, nieces and nephews, and sisters to a U-pick raspberry farm that is just a mile down the road from my parents' house. 
With all the nieces and nephews picking my MIL ended up with about 24 pints of raspberries!
I love all the fresh fruit during the summer.
We also went to Randall park to feed the ducks. It was super windy that day so we bundled Brooklyn up in the Moby and she slept away.

Baby Brooklyn vs. Baby Lindsey

As Brooklyn has grown a bit I'm starting to see some resemblances between her and I. When we were in Yakima this last week I copied some pictures from my Grandma Clement's scrapbook of the year I was born so I could compare Brooklyn and I.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Post baby date

We went on our first post baby date together this morning! I know morning is kind of a weird time for a date but since Thomas works till 9pm most days that is just what works.  Plus, we wanted to go mountain biking and since it has been in the 100's for the past couple days, mornings are coolest. 
We went to Camelback Park and biked in the foothills.  Oh my goodness my quads were burning going up those inclines! But it felt so very good all at the same time.  I have really missed mountain biking since last summer and it was so nice getting out there today.
Afterwards we hit up a new to us smoothie shop and Subway for breakfast which we ate outside. 
The perfect little date if you ask me. 
Brooklyn was at my friend Lyndsay's house who also just had a baby.  When we got there she had one baby in each arm and they were fast asleep :) She said the only problem was when she was feeding Korbin, her baby, that Brooklyn was mad she had to be put down.  Our little girl LOVES to be held.  And I LOVE holding her :)

Monday, July 9, 2012

Last day in Yakima

This afternoon we got to watch my dad's band "Four on the Floor" play at the Folk life festival at Franklin Park. I might be biased but I think they are really good.  They play a variety of different music including classic rock songs, country, oldies, and even some modern tunes.

It was in the high 90's today so afterwards we got some frozen yogurt to cool down.
 For dinner my dad grilled hot dogs and then we headed to a Yakima Bear's game where we met Thomas' mom, sister Kristin and nephew James.  Every Saturday night they have "Launch-a-ball" where you pay a doller per ball and get to throw them out on the field and try to make it in a hula hoop.  The different colored hula hoops correspond to different prizes.  My dad, Thomas, and James all won prizes! Four tickets to a bears game, a half dozen specialty cupcakes, and a free zumba class.  Brooklyn was a champ and slept in the Snugli the whole game.

Afterwards we cooled down again with some drinks from Sonic.

A pretty perfect summer night grilling, baseball game, lemonade.

4th of July

The day started a little late because of a long night/morning with the baby.  I hadn't gotten Brooklyn a 4th of July outfit so I left her with Thomas while I headed to the mall to search out an outfit.  I got two since I wasn't sure that the first one would fit.  Tomorrow I am going to head back and return the second one and try to find one for next year so I am prepared and get a good deal on it.

We had a Cajun/french inspired lunch for 4th of July prepared by my mom and Lance and Donna.
I stopped by my Grandpa's to pick him up and found a scrapbook of my Grandma's with pictures of me at Brooklyn's age.  I definitely can see the resemblance now.
My mom and I went running 3 miles and then did some upper body.  I have officially started training for a half marathon in September.  The training schedule is a lighter one than normal to ease myself back into running.
In the evening we headed to Thomas' parents and picked up his neices Katie and Savannah and then headed to Toppenish which is the Indian Reservation to watch the fireworks show.  Great show and plus there are SO many people lighting off fireworks that you get even more of a show.  I was worried about Brooklyn because she screamed the whole way there but she did just great outside watching the fireworks and being cuddled in our arms. 

I loved Savannah's comments during the fireworks "Sparkles! Fairy dust!" So girly I love it.  We stopped at the gas station afterwards and got the girls each a candy and drink.  It was really fun having little girls around and made fireworks so much fun.

Brooklyn's Blessing

Brooklyn was blessed at my parents church building on Sunday July 1st.  We had all of Thomas' siblings there, his grandpa, my grandpa, my Uncle Lance and his wife Donna and son Aiden, and of course our parents.  Some of my good friends Hailey Moon, Danna Curfman, Kaisey Dahl, and Brandi Bade all came too.
Thomas was really nervous about the blessing and spent time the night before preparing. The blessing was super sweet.

She was blessed to: sensitive to the spirit, work hard, fun to be around, have lots of friends and be a good friend, she will enjoy learning, the spirit will help her know gospel truths.
Beforehand we took pictures with my side of the family and afterwards we took pictures with his side of the family.

We then all headed to my parents house for a BBQ.  My dad bought the cutest cake from Costco.

It's the best feeling to have so much family around to support such a special event.  All of Brooklyn's aunts and cousins held her during the BBQ and she pretty much just slept away (okay and cried a bit as seen in the pictures).

Thomas' mom made Brooklyn's blessing dress from the material of my wedding dress.  Isn't it gorgeous? She looked like a little bride.  Grandma Sandee also gave her the headband, her necklace, and her little shoes.  My mom gave her a little bracelet to wear.