Sunday, June 26, 2016

Preschool Graduation

We had a small little graduation ceremony at a nearby park for our co-op preschool we had this year. The girls walked to Pomp and Circumstance with their hats that one of the moms made and then before getting their certificate sang the Hello Song (that we would do at the start of each preschool class) and sand the ABC's.
Brooklyn and our neighbor Claire were standing next to each other and went a little crazy/silly shaking each other's hands for the Hello Song and "accidentally" tipping their hats of their heads.  Which actually kind of perfectly showed what they were like during circle time. Ha ha!
After our little ceremony there were cookies and juice, playing at the park, and pictures.
What a fun year doing this preschool co-op.
Marching to Pomp and Cirumstance
Brooklyn getting her certificate from me.

Picking up their hats they kept knocking off to be silly.

Nana was here for graduation!

Her dance dress rehearsal was right after this so she came in hair and makeup

Brooklyn's First Dance Recital

Brooklyn started dance this past fall and has been preparing for this spring dance recital since then. We love the little studio that she goes to.  Her dance instructor is the most kind and caring person.  In the choreographer's notes of one of the dances at the recital she wrote that she has suffered miscarriages and now is not able to have any children due to chronic medical problems. So the dancers at her studio are like her kids. The studio is a non-profit and she even sometimes loses money from running it.  But she wants all kids to be able to experience dance if it interests them. I'm so glad that this has been Brooklyn's first exposure to dance because it has been so FUN! No pressure just lots of fun and she is learning so much and loves to practice her moves at home.
She had three dances. The first one was with all of the Mini Technique classes and was performed to the song "Magic in Me". She blew me away with how enthusiastic she was with this performance! Absolutely no stage fright at all, in fact she seemed to just blossom on stage.  So funny because if you put her in front of a single adult and asked her to talk she wouldn't.  But put her on a stage in front of a hundred or so adults and dance and apparently it's no big deal.

Brooklyn is the one on the very most right hand side of the picture.

Backstage with Mama

The second performance was to "Colors of the Wind" from Pocahontas.

This was their dress rehearsal at the studio.

The third and final performance for her class was "Fire and Gold".  The theme for this recital was the elements: wind, fire, and rain.

Such horrible quality of pictures but I love Brooklyn's exuberance here. She is the second from the right.

Her daddy brought her flowers.

I was so proud of my little girl! What made me the most happy was how happy it made her to perform.  I just felt on the brink of tears the whole time watching her dance. In between performances I would run backstage to help her change costumes and after the first dance she was just exuding happiness and ran into my arms telling me "Mama I did it!!" You did it baby girl!!

Springville Family Fun Run

Last year we participated in the Springville Family Fun Run as one of our very first activities here in Utah.
This year as I was in the thick of marathon training I decided to do my 8 mile training run beforehand. I figured that Brooklyn would probably ride her scooter most of the way so I could just walk most of the 3.1 miles.  Instead Brooklyn wanted to hang out at the park play area where the race started and my legs were tired enough from the 8 miler that I happily obliged.
So this year just Thomas ran it. Brooklyn got to enjoy the free popcorn, lawn games, and face painting.

Botanical Gardens

My good friend friend Kelsey Harris who I met in Boise was in town in May and so we were able to meet up at the Botanical Gardens at Thanksgiving Point and catch up on life and let the kiddos reconnect.
Kelsey is one of those friends that I can just talk to about anything and we can catch on right where we left off.  Our girls were the best of friends when they were babies/toddlers and they did the same.

They spent a good chunk of time making a home in this tree for a rolly polly bug.

Brooklyn's Pinkalicious Birthday Party

The weekend following Brooklyn's birthday was her friends party at a nearby park.  The theme was "Pinkalicious" a favorite book series of Brooklyn's.

The kids had sidewalk chalk and bubbles to play with along with the park play equipment. We also had a unicorn pinata which was a hit.  We included some of Brooklyn's favorite treats including fruit snacks and suckers with gum inside. For birthday treats there was cupcakes and ice cream and fruit punch juice pouches (another Brooky fave).
Brooklyn had a blast and it appeared that so did the rest of her guests.

At age four Brooklyn:
Asks to listen to Justin "Beaver" Love Yourself and Rachel Patton Fight Song on repeat. LOVES to dance and try out gymnastics moves, Enjoys watching YouTube videos about gymnastics, Baby Alive dolls, and Shopkins. Can play ALL day with neighbor friends.  Rides a bike with training wheels, scooters, and still loves her tricycle.  The park is her favorite place to go. Still calls me "Mama" (this can continue forever please).