Tuesday, September 18, 2018

May 2018 Photo Dump

 The ducks hatched in Brooklyn's kindergarten class.  All the kids were sitting around watching them swim and spontaneously broke into song about ducklings hatching.  It was the cutest thing ever.
 Our neighbors offered Wells a chocolate chip cookie and you could say he enjoyed it.

 Family biking in Sunriver is one of our favorite family activities.

 Hiking at La Pine State Park

 Baby boy loves smoothies.
 We love having Brooklyn's t-ball games at the park right across the street from our house.

 For Mother's Day we had brunch at Sunriver.

 "I love you Mommy.  Love, Brooklyn. I like my baby brother."

 I love that he grabs on to my shirt so protectively when he nurses.

 Hiking up to Paulina Peak.

 I love this shot Thomas got of me breastfeeding Wells partway through our hike.

 Love the comparison between Wells and Brooklyn.

 Both the kids like being outside with Thomas doing yard work.

 Brooklyn's ballet dance recital.  She did awesome! She got an award for dancer of the month.

 I found this note she wrote for her dance teacher. 
"To Miss Kelly From Brooklyn"
 "I like to be a ballerina with you.  It was fun."
 Brooklyn's school Mother's Day card to me.