Sunday, January 24, 2010

Cheese Zombies

I don't know if I've mentioned it but, I really like to cook.  I like the organization of making a weekly meal plan and buying all the groceries.  We really haven't repeated any meals since we have been married.  I keep wondering when I will run out of recipes.
The past time that we had the missionaries over I made cheese zombies.  A co-worker of Thomas' had made them and that gave us the idea.  We got the recipe online and they turned out almost exactly like the school kind! I was amazed!

I also made some home-made tomato basil soup.  It was yummy to dip the cheese zombies in but I wouldn't just make it by itself.

Notice the container with the red cap on it.  Thomas introduced me to it. It's a salad topper with sesame seeds and bacon bits and some other yummy little toppers.

Friday, January 15, 2010

One Year Back

January 13th was the one year anniversary of me being back from the mission.  It was a normal day at work. Wednesdays are my busiest days of the week I would say.  I work, then go running with my running buddy Hailey, and then home to make dinner, shower and go to mutual. I am with the Mia Maids (14 and 15 year old young women) and one of the girls lives right down the street from me.  She isn't active, so my goal is to visit her every Wednesday on my way to mutual.  That way I can invite her and give her a ride if she takes me up on the offer and I can tell her about the last weeks activity and give her anything.  She is a sweetie and I have stopped by three times but just met with her once.  My goal is to get her and her mom to come to New Beginnings which is at the end of February. So that has been one thing missionary oriented that I've been doing.  I also have really liked visiting teaching.  Of course it is always difficult to get motivated and schedule the appointments.  What gets me motivated though is thinking of how in the mission I always thought "if people would just do their home/visiting teaching their would not be this many less actives." So I don't want to be a hypocrite.  Plus I really like getting to know new people and chatting.  One of my people that I visit teach is a young 19 year old recent convert less active who has a three year old little girl.  She is the sweetest person and I am excited to have her and her husband come and play games with us soon.
Isn't it interesting that the things that make us happiest are often the most difficult? Like missions, relationships, running (getting our bodies in shape), etc.
Anyways so after mutual I was feeling a little sad and my wonderful hubby suggested we go to Dairy Queen.  It's the one we went to on our wedding day after the reception when we were starving, so it holds a little memory for us.  Then he suggested we stop by Blockbuster and rent Grey's Anatomy which I love! He knows how to cheer me right up!