Thursday, April 21, 2016

St. George Trip

Thomas had a PA conference in St. George so we tagged along and made it a fun mini vacation. Originally we had reserved a hotel but a couple weeks before hand one of Thomas' classmates offered to let us stay with them and some other families at his parents vacation home.
It was so nice to stay with other couples and their kids and save money on a hotel.
Some of our activities included a trip to the Children's Museum, a visit to Snow Canyon State Park to play in the sand dunes, park visits, swimming, and an excursion to Zion's National Park.
At the Children's Museum:

 We went with one of the wives of Thomas' classmates and then ended up meeting up with another wife and her two kids. Her little girl is just Brooklyn's age and they had so much fun together.  Later in the day we went swimming at their hotel with them and then later in the week we caravan-ed to Zion's with them and hiked togeter.

The park:

The Pioneer Park Gardens:

One night after dinner we played the Bean Boozled game.  It was sooo funny! Lawn clippings, baby wipes, dog food, barf, and spoiled milk were some of the yucky ones. The adults had a game night another night that was a blast.
One morning I had an eight mile run to do and I got to watch the sunrise while I was running.
Our last day we made a trip to Zion's.  We hit up a couple hikes that we didn't get to on our last trip.  Including a walk along The Narrows and Upper Emerald Falls.  The narrows has a great beachy area where we ate our lunch and let the kids play in the sand.  The Upper Emerald Falls start with a paved path that Brooklyn insisted was not a hike because there was "sidewalk"  it then gets to be a rocky dirt path which she was ALL about.  She was our little rock climber.  I was super impressed with all the hiking she did.  We hardly wore her in the pack at all.
We had multiple people comment about our twin girls.

The girls discovered a caterpillar.

 This was a perfect rock for climbing and sliding down.  I slid down it a couple times and then about five minutes later Thomas runs up to me from behind to tell me I had a big ol' hole in my pants! HaHa! Luckily I had a jacket to wrap around my waist for the remainder of our time.

Snow Canyon: