Monday, November 20, 2017

Thanksgiving Part 2

Our second full day we took the kids, in their matching outfits from Nana, to the Stonebriar mall to see Santa.
Wells is normally great having whomever hold him but it was nap time and he got fussy once it was time for Santa pics, darn it.

My mom is doing much better after this surgery then her first. She just had her reconstructive surgery about a week ago and is slowly getting around. We are so glad we get to celebrate this and many more Thanksgivings with her! 

Thanksgiving Break Part 1

The kids and I flew to Dallas for the week of Thanksgiving. Both kids did great on our two flights. Wells slept on both flights and Brooklyn slept the whole second flight. 
Bea and her kids picked us up from the airport and the festive feeling began as her kids ran to give us hugs and Christmas music was playing in the car.

Our first stop was Chic-fil-a where Alex and Emmett were able to hold Wells for the first time.

Pops and Wells were both wearing hockey shirts.
The weather is so nice that the kids were able to ride bikes.

A lot of family members were able to meet Wells for the first time including Ashley and my grandpa.

Everyone is obsessed with the newest family member. 

It’s the best seeing all the cousins play together.

Great Grandpa loves the company.

The kiddos decorated sugar cookies and helped decorate the Christmas tree.

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Wells 5 Months

Found his feet and does the happy baby pose all the time and tries to suck on his toes.

Starting to show interest in food. The other day he went to town sucking on an apple Thomas was eating.

9 month clothes

Almost out of size two diapers.

Wakes up two times a night. Gets up for a half hour at 5:30 am then back to sleep til 7:30am. Bedtime is around 7pm. Starting to take at least one longer nap per day of 2.5 hours.  His other 1-2 naps aren’t the most structured cause we are usually out and about.

Super smiley and will just stare at you and smile til he’s got your attention. Will smile at strangers in the store when they talk to him.

We’ve seen improvement in the car seat.

Loves the baby carrier.

Has started holding toys and chewing on them.

New fave toy is a little chew glove called “yummy mit”.

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Halloween 2017

Halloween started out with me going to Brooklyn’s school for their Harvest party to take pictures for her class. They had activities in each of the rooms. And the students from all the classes could wander around going to whatever room they wanted to to participate in the activities.

After school we headed to Sunriver where all of the shops were handing out candy. Thomas’ parents came into town for the night and they were able to go with us. Brooklyn’s best friend Kaylee and her mom and brother were also with us. I was pleasantly surprised at the lack of a huge crowd and at the quality of candy the stores were passing out. They also had a bounce house and carnival games, including a cupcake walk, and a fun little train the kids could ride on around The Village. We spent about an hour and a half there before heading back to La Pine for neighborhood trick or treating.

One restaurant was gaining out full size candy bars! Score!

We didn’t go to our neighborhood because we literally have five neighbors but found a nice one nearby (that actually had our second choice house in it). La Pine is such a small town that we ran into some of a Brooklyn and Kaylee’s classmates which made it even more fun to go around house to house in a group.

This was Wellsey boys first Halloween and he did great. He mainly slept in the carrier the whole time at The Village and hung out in the warm car with grandma and grandpa while big sister trick or treated. 

We came home and trick-or-treated to one of our neighbors houses and Brooklyn sorted all her candy, then we called it a night. 

Happy Halloween 2017 Giles Family of Superheroes.