Sunday, July 12, 2015


"My window is froggy."

She calls a handle a "hangle"

"When you grow smaller like me mommy I will wipe your gina for you."

Me: Who is your favorite team?
B: Mama!!

Me: Are you my friend?
B: No, I'm your girl.

She sometimes calls an outfit an "elephant".  For example "I want to pick out my own elephant!"

"Is there gonna be a princess in my new house?"

When I went in her room one morning to get her she pops right up and says "It's coronation day mom!"

Me: What did you learn at nursery today?
B: We learned coloring.

I was downstairs getting ready in my bathroom when Brooklyn runs in with some gum in her hand and says "Don't worry mom, it will not swallow me." (This is because I always tell her she can't have gum cause she will swallow it).

First thing when we walk into our new house "There's a toilet!!!!"

She calls a trampoline a "jumpoline".

She uses the word evenly a lot.  She'll randomly put it in a sentence like "Paige came and got Claire evenly." Or "I asked my dad evenely if I could have this. Evenly, evenly."

Picking at the seeds in the watermelon "There's seaweed!".

"I burp-ded."

"Don't EVER "aks" me again!" (When I tell her to do something.)

Pointing at the Ferris wheel "Mom can we go on the steering wheel?"

She calls a stethoscope a "hello-scope"

Stewart Falls Hike

Another gorgeous hike as a family! For aFriday evening activity a couple weeks ago we went up past Sundance and did the Stewart Falls hike.  I'm amazed how many waterfalls are so close to us!
 photo IMG_9175_zps82nf3mq1.jpg  photo IMG_9193_zpsortgdzzz.jpg  photo IMG_9174_zpsqi1jxjwm.jpg  photo IMG_9197_zps2fq0t0de.jpg  photo IMG_9194_zpsh8fplj3u.jpg  photo IMG_9183_zps48bksr77.jpg  photo IMG_9187_zpsqcdmbgz0.jpg  photo IMG_9185_zpscaaps2zk.jpg

4th of July 2015

Our 4th of July festivities started on the 3rd when we went to an Orem Owlz baseball game.  This game was the most packed we had attended in light of the fact that there were fireworks at the end of the game.  It was awesome to be so close to where they were setting them off and just be able to lay back on the grass and watch the show. photo IMG_9206_zpswwjk2s0t.jpg  photo IMG_9216_zpspkjmefsb.jpg On the 4th we met up with my friend Brittani and her boyfriend Chris and his daughter Shaylee in Riverton.  That town does a great job of putting on an all day celebration.  The park was filled with activities including a game of Bingo (Thomas won a citronella camping candle), performances from currently running plays and musicians/singers, and a park and splash pad for the kids.  Brooklyn and Shaylee got along really well and it was so nice for them to have someone to play with.
After the park we headed to Chris' house for the girls to nap while the adults relaxed and watched a movie and prepared dinner.  After dinner we headed to the pool for a bit before it started to rain. Let Britt and I took the girls to the park while Christ took Thomas on a motorcycle ride.  photo IMG_9225_zps4zslm0iq.jpg Luckily the rain cleared up in time for the fireworks show that night.
Britt's coworker's family puts on the show each year so we got to sit in the restricted area and have special parking which was so nice.  We were so close that by the end there was ash falling on us!
Great time with friends this year celebrating our freedoms.
 photo IMG_9226_zpsnf7gceuq.jpg  photo IMG_9223_zpsgca26zje.jpg  photo IMG_9236_zps5gj80hjb.jpg  photo IMG_9235_zps5glnovar.jpg  photo IMG_9238_zpsryzfrrym.jpg  photo IMG_9249_zpsuwdpxi23.png
How cute is this couple holding hands!?  photo IMG_9245_zpswzuhhbso.jpg  photo IMG_9441_zpsx5j18jtd.jpg  photo IMG_9439_zpsa9ywxl93.jpg

Children's Museum with Sookie and Ryder

My friend Sookie and her son Ryder, who we met at Baby Signing Time class when our babies were just a few months old, were here in Utah for a few days and we met up with them at the Museum of Natural Curiosity. Fun to see our Boise friends.
 photo IMG_9140_zpsifbfaagi.jpg  photo IMG_9149_zpsstuvclpw.jpg  photo IMG_9156_zps9wblh8iq.jpg  photo IMG_9131_zpsmnrdkpdr.jpg  photo IMG_9145_zps6k8ky7cu.jpg  photo IMG_9139_zpsyajpt5dr.jpg  photo IMG_9151_zpshv2ytjpz.jpg  photo IMG_9135_zpsiubmyj1g.jpg

Friday, July 10, 2015

Brooklyn's Three Year Pictures

At the end of May we found a photographer in the area and had Brooklyn's three year pictures taken at Bridal Veil Falls in Provo Canyon.  photo 11728929_10100929188667194_4089644580184727074_o_zpsmllw0zkq.jpg  photo 11698875_10100929188732064_7586086657085165933_o_zpsngf6viho.jpg  photo 11709819_10100929188672184_2283734513614764211_o_zpskr1rzecv.jpg  photo 11040511_10100929189221084_3540981364423164289_o_zpsp9qcrsct.jpg  photo 11109614_10100929189405714_6507040911367581139_o_zpsw3hrabyr.jpg  photo 905771_10100929189520484_1687524791863887123_o_zpsq6a0vsva.jpg  photo 11119886_10100929189715094_1973783154888278833_o_zpstuaqffo4.jpg  photo 11703403_10100929191271974_5471139186174833380_o_zpsggtnl2fm.jpg  photo 10365641_10100929191212094_2906123473284592497_o_zpsiqk8gwv7.jpg  photo 11233521_10100929191261994_60287668669543588_o_zpsgk5gfado.jpg  photo 11713778_10100929191521474_1861181143835619296_o_zpsnk3lsvcj.jpg  photo 11731681_10100929191516484_3207973032651486537_o_zps0pnwg8ai.jpg  photo 11722315_10100929191611294_199721825337757396_o_zpss6rmcncy.jpg  photo 11312856_10100929191850814_2669281933208464456_o_zpsflmvxvh3.jpg  photo 11722553_10100929191880754_3814947201200148762_o_zpst9kxoe9y.jpg  photo 11741189_10100929192055404_4964929287593641138_o_zpsygjackay.jpg  photo 11713773_10100929192334844_8317208027501077254_o_zpse9n7uwqw.jpg  photo 11713813_10100929192309894_5244251745402050721_o_zpsagtp366a.jpg  photo 11722183_10100929192489534_6288514263472607010_o_zpsor1lldat.jpg  photo 11221376_10100929192709094_3790239156201876832_o_zps3bxs93oz.jpg  photo 11011021_10100929192714084_8488008925238502783_o_zpsxbrra3n5.jpg  photo 11731751_10100929192773964_309870109787702468_o_zpskvgjdcst.jpg  photo 11722553_10100929193173164_3020743780487813714_o_zps6lijxqwg.jpg