Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Grotto Falls Hike

I came across an article that describes five family friendly hikes in Utah.  The first one just happened to be close by and we decided to give it a go this past weekend.  We stopped by Lauren's house in Spanish Fork to pick up Emery before heading to Payson for the hike.
The hike is called Grotto falls and only about a half mile which was perfect with two toddlers.  There are lots of fun logs to cross to get over the stream and at the end a pretty waterfall.
Both Brooklyn and Emery did great in the hiking carriers.  Brooklyn walked most of the way back.
Later that day we dropped Brooklyn off at Lauren's and they watched her for us while Thomas and I went to see Pitch Perfect 2.  It was hilarious! We drove by the new Payson temple which is so gorgeous with the backdrop of the mountains.  photo IMG_8279_zps8sc0bo4m.jpg  photo IMG_8280_zpsj2tuc6jp.jpg  photo IMG_8283_zpsztj1camm.jpg  photo IMG_8286_zpsqzcpmupt.jpg  photo IMG_8288_zpsera3avpa.jpg  photo IMG_8289_zpsirqdluv5.jpg  photo IMG_8290_zps3kmx0lft.jpg  photo IMG_8293_zpssegskpft.jpg  photo IMG_8296_zpswyrdceev.jpg  photo IMG_8299_zpsrsxbc3dt.jpg  photo IMG_8300_zps98in6nls.jpg  photo IMG_8303_zpsolsnvxy5.jpg  photo IMG_8305_zpsu8cswitw.jpg  photo IMG_8306_zpsb5fthn7o.jpg  photo IMG_8307_zpsi1znvljc.jpg  photo IMG_8316_zpscnhjfv3k.jpg

Friday, May 15, 2015

Mother's Day 2015

A friend posted on Facebook to ask moms' opinions on Mother's Day.  There were a lot of answers like they don't like it because of high expectations not being met, or it's painful for people who can't have children, etc. Then one mom posted that she understands all that but let's just not over think it and take it for what it is, a celebration! Let your hubby and kids know what your expectations are and be grateful for the women in your life that have been good examples.  Pretty simple!
I told Thomas that I wanted breakfast and dinner made and cleaned up and that I would like the pictures put on the walls upstairs.  Done, done, done! Oh and I wanted to get ready for church in peace.
Thomas woke up with Brooklyn and they made muffins together and made me a sweet card.  Brooklyn colored things she likes to do with me and put things like the zoo and dinosaurs. That afternoon I took a nice long nap, even longer than Brooklyn's.  In the evening after dinner we went for a walk up the mountain in front of our house.
 photo IMG_8235_zpscvin1lam.jpgLoved it!  photo IMG_8237_zpseomlnwj4.jpg  photo IMG_8238_zpsb3znowx2.jpg  photo IMG_8236_zpszl1ae2jg.jpg

Mom Visits

My mom came to Boise to help us pack and load up the moving truck and then drove to Utah with us and stayed for our first few days here.  It was the BIGGEST help having her here.  My mom is a PRO at loading up moving trucks.  I'm convinced we would have had to leave a bunch of things behind if it weren't for her. Her and Thomas managed to get it all squeezed in.
When we got to Utah she stocked our fridge and was a big help in keeping Brooklyn entertained while we unloaded the truck.
We were able to do a couple fun outings while she was here including the Farm Animals at Thanksgiving Pointe and the Hogle Zoo.
At the Farm exhibit they have basically every farm animal you can think of.  Plus you can go on a wagon ride and unlimited pony rides! Brooklyn chose to ride the minature ponies.  Her first time she wanted me to hold onto her as she rode around. The second time I just had to walk alongside her.
One day we were packing and my mom took Brooklyn to the park.  On there way there Brooklyn needed to go to the bathroom so they stopped at a nearby diner.  Of course Brooklyn convinced my mom to get her fries and some lemonade. I've realized that really the biggest help to someone with kids when they are moving is to offer to watch their kids.  photo 11204451_10153277557248841_2586998295513471400_n_zpsqeso6zsv.jpg  photo 11204451_10153277557248841_2586998295513471400_n_zpsqeso6zsv.jpg
 They have this cute little ice cream shop at Thanksgiving Point and kids cones are only .25 I have a feeling we'll be hitting that store up frequently.  photo 11033181_10153308257753841_3869525782943928584_n_zpsyifmefqx.jpg  photo 11265557_10153308257793841_3250236862378949224_n_zpsv6eppkt7.jpg  photo 11073070_10153308258513841_948851619613789308_n_zpspeltwxxq.jpg  photo 11260537_10153308257253841_8763822768664464680_n_zps3sf85cih.jpg  photo 10411732_10153308260773841_2397392301956307504_n_zpsvtbloh6b.jpg  photo 11112870_10153308260718841_5085915583133528153_n_zps41oahlyz.jpg  photo 11066798_10153308257613841_1836086699093832758_n_zpsaetlwlzu.jpg  photo 11059987_10153308258703841_2269079493974662635_n_zpstbnxoy6h.jpg
 We dropped my mom off at the SLC airport in the afternoon so took advantage of being in Salt Lake and went to the Hogle Zoo.  photo IMG_8141_zpslab5ezhk.jpg  photo IMG_8137_zpshshmt3zh.jpg  photo IMG_8128_zpszoqy19oh.jpg  photo IMG_8123_zpsmtfrkteq.jpg  photo IMG_8163_zpsbn8sx9jt.jpg  photo 11161364_10153308255563841_8748250065444556657_n_zpsj2c1rb5k.jpg  photo 10985408_10153308251533841_4526397962076281860_n_zpsiifjihjv.jpg  photo 10920902_10153308252648841_3228912199036415433_n_zpspeombjwd.jpg  photo 11011835_10153308254513841_5760289268216652161_n_zpsrscduxwz.jpg  photo 11161364_10153308250768841_945685665576203842_n_zpsze6yia1o.jpg

Bean and Dinosaur Museum

Some new friends suggested that we try out the Bean Museum on BYU's campus.  It's a free museum with a bunch of taxidermy.  Brooklyn really loves looking at that kind of stuff.  My favorite was the Liger that used to be at the Hogle Zoo here in Utah.
There were a bunch of school groups there for field trips.  One group was going to the auditorium and we followed them in.  Someone from the museum was giving a presentation with a slideshow on the different climates in Utah and different animals that live in those climates. Brooklyn was so into it! After thirty minutes we needed to leave to go home and eat lunch and I had to drag her out of there kicking and screaming.  I don't know if she just liked being around all the big kids or if the information and pictures really fascinated her.  When a question would be asked she would raise her hands along with the school kids.
There was a fun slide and a little tunnel that had a bear inside.  photo IMG_8242_zps5r6qxavl.jpg  photo IMG_8243_zpsvok3rks8.jpg This past weekend we went to Thanksgiving Pointe and visited the dinosaur museum. Brooklyn's favorite part was the big water and sand table that you could play with the toy dinosaurs in.  photo IMG_8229_zpszx2bqru9.jpg  photo IMG_8232_zpscg53igyu.jpg

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Little Mermaid Play

We wanted to get lots of time in with our friends Molly and Sara before we moved.  One of our activities together included going to dinner and then a children's production of The Little Mermaid. The play was perfect length for Molly and Brooklyn and fun for us moms too.  photo IMG_7653.2015-03-29_010602_zpsslqe6vd4.jpg  photo IMG_7647.2015-03-29_004612_zpsexje85am.jpg  photo IMG_7652.2015-03-29_010556_zps91xde3f8.jpg

April Photodump

One of our last times at the Botanical Gardens.  photo IMG_8006_zpsj1iy0jvs.jpg A warm day at the zoo. Her legs are too cute in shorts.  photo IMG_7933_zps3nv9ggp8.jpg
She loves her new rain boots and to hide.  photo IMG_8111_zpsnppg0oj6.jpg
She's just a little darling.  photo IMG_7996_zps87sdhnhw.jpg Sometimes she likes to be the one behind the camera. "Let me take a picture Mom."  photo IMG_7970_zpshb22c6nk.jpg
She really wanted to check out a magazine from the library and the first thing she did when we brought it home was put it in the bathroom.  photo IMG_7937_zpsyly1uwrz.jpg
I took her to see the movie "Home" and she was so good!  photo IMG_7883.2015-04-14_173748_zpsy8w26usc.jpg  photo IMG_7882.2015-04-14_173747_zps1bmg8yqu.jpg Went on a little hike one day for some exercise.  photo IMG_7884.2015-04-15_164035_zpsjx19enlw.jpg
This day she wanted to wear her new Elsa dress she got in her Easter basket. Her daddy is her prince.  photo 01043fa295de9576a47a245d7dc1c470708d1c657f_zpskbtexlzq.jpg  photo 0115fc2e64b6d7e2c9976dde2d0fbe84af5a7f9aeb_zpsrdezhv3j.jpg  photo 01fa9930d43179894cfc747d7c03fc4a3a6e18b7ee_zps8vzsl0nw.jpg
We stopped at a little bakery to get a loaf of bread and she convinced me to get her a treat.  photo IMG_7711.2015-04-02_213136_zpsqvnym6i9.jpg
She loves to go through this groundhog tunnel at the zoo.  photo IMG_7668.2015-03-31_175813_zps5nwqkp8j.jpg
She is really into walking sticks and anywhere we go picks one up to walk with.  photo 01994a00445f6783f3a7749e86cfeae11a00fcc070_zpsqe5ntk6h.jpg  photo 01d4d45c2e0409929634dc5e378cdf9836a947d865_zpsyzosyiqv.jpg  photo 01ee5e5a8f367990b61202c4e076a60a7970df602c_zpspwwcxvsg.jpg
She got herself completely dressed herself this day. Including choosing her outfit.  photo 01e7d9fb0a8793be3d23615d557ff59561ad47d7bf_zpscazrpqct.jpg
Botanical Gardens fun.  photo 01e5c508391824edeaa07276696fb3660e6f9b69af_zpsqqwje1qt.jpg This was after a sweaty Boost class which is a Saturday HIIT workout through stroller strides but without the strollers.  photo 010cb9198cc5ce16c859549e45a1f29c7b314e0dbf_zps3xsvpnoo.jpg