Monday, October 8, 2018

August 2018 Photo Dump

Brooklyn earned some passes for rides at Sunriver for participating in the library summer reading program.  She enjoyed bumper cars for the first time. 

 The Deschutes River has a great little sandy area for kids to play in right next to the playground.

 Brooklyn worked so hard and learned how to do the monkey bars this summer along with learning how to ride a bike without training wheels and tie her shoes!
 We went on a hike up to Paulina Creek Falls where there are some natural water slides.

We made water sponge bombs to play with at one of our stroller strides play groups. 

 My friend Emily went to a cookbook signing and fun run with Shalane Flanagan an olympic marathon runner.

 We had a kids book club where we read a Piggy and Gerald book called "Should I Share My Ice Cream". Brooklyn's friends got creative and shook their ice cream in a big by bouncing it on the trampoline. 

 Brooklyn and her friend CJ tried out the pool noodles and beach balls that we used for one of our play dates at Stroller Strides.

 I took the kids to get haircuts and made the mistake of going to Supercuts because it was convenient and no appointment was needed.  HUGE mistake! They totally botched Wells' hair!
 We bought some hair chalk for Brooklyn as a gift for her for being a champ with her eye surgery to open up an underdeveloped tear duct. She was so brave.  Got pretty scared right before having to go in to surgery because she didn't want to have to leave me.  She gave me a big hug right before going through the double doors with all the doctors and nurses and put on a brave face and the nurses says she did great. She woke up just fine afterwards and besides looking really pale she was back to her normal self right away.  Unfortunately after taking out the stent they put in it seems she still is having issues.  We'll go back in a couple months and see what the surgeon says.

 Wells loves this school bus.  He loves to take it to the park with us and push it up and down the slide.
We went back to school shopping and took pics of some of the options for family pictures. 

 We made sidewalk chalk paint for stroller strides and it was a HIT!
 We've been saying Brooklyn has hazel eyes but I asked the ophthalmologist and did a survey on Instagram and the consensus is green. 
 La Pine has a fun little group called La Pine Kids Rock and we love finding rocks hidden all over and hiding them again.

 We spent a day at the local bouncy house place.

 Brooklyn's eye after surgery.
 Brooklyn was super into bowling.  Wells liked running into the arcade to "play" games.

 There is the cutest coffee shop in downtown Bend that has a gated yard.  We had a playgroup here where the mamas could sip coffee and the kids got to run around and play.