Monday, September 14, 2015

Payson Onions Day Parade

There are lots of little parades around here that the little towns have to celebrate their towns.  My friend from high school, Kendy Young Button, and I recently reconnected and got our families together for the Payson Onions Day parade.  We ran into a classmate of Thomas' and his family and we all had a really good time.  photo IMG_0916_zpsbh6tnsh0.jpg  photo IMG_0911_zpsxnsqjwox.jpg  photo IMG_0915_zps1fclx1fo.jpg One of our fave parts of the parade was when they threw out popsicles!  photo IMG_0919_zps4amcqhsn.jpg
Afterwards the Buttons and ourselves went up Payson Canyon to hike Grotto falls and have a picnic lunch.
I'm so glad that so many old friends live in this area!  photo IMG_0930_zpsrmixypim.jpg  photo IMG_0933_zps4lstmu10.jpg  photo IMG_0923_zps1ts23vow.jpg

6th Wedding Anniversary

Thomas and I just celebrated our 6th wedding anniversary! I woke up that morning to a beautiful bouquet of flowers waiting for me on the dining room table.  photo IMG_0895_zpssya2rl38.jpg
That afternoon we went as a family to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point where it was the last day of a summer long event called the Seven Wonders of the World balloon sculptures.  Balloon artists would come in and make big sculptures our of balloons of the different seven wonders of the world.  They were having a contest and if you tagged a picture of yourself on instagram with one of the sculptures using a certain hashtag  then you were entered to win a free year long family membership.  It was our lucky day because we won! We have a membership thanks to my padres but will hopefully be able to tack the new one onto our current membership.  photo IMG_0901_zpsyvwsyhuj.jpg  photo IMG_0899_zps68nuwws6.jpg  photo IMG_0951_zpshkczrjdt.png
That evening we had a babysitter for Brooklyn and Thomas and I went to the Provo Temple and then out to dinner at The Art City Trolley, one of our fave restaurants nearby.  We then had time before we had told the babysitter we would be back so we went and browsed around the mall without a child! Simple and fun day.  photo IMG_0902_zpsijiwy8w0.jpg