Wednesday, October 14, 2015

August Photo Dump

 photo IMG_0399_zpsuysuojef.jpgDrinking pink milk and she wanted me to take a picture of her mini mustache with our neighbor Claire.  photo IMG_9788_zpstsmwgozo.jpg A Saturday run in the mountain by our house.  photo IMG_9745_zpsnjc3zv4t.jpg
 photo IMG_9751_zpseev80vly.jpgFroyo date with my girl.

The neighborhood gang of kids.  photo IMG_0564_zps1ici0buc.jpg  photo IMG_0568_zpsncpvgzfi.jpg She likes to sit on the counter while I do my makeup and steal lipstick and such.  photo IMG_0530_zps0z7koqje.jpg  photo IMG_9740_zpspm3pldry.jpg
 photo IMG_0526_zpschouuqsx.jpgShe earned this microphone and brought it to a baseball game and was so cute singing "Take Me Out to the Ball Game".

Harvest Moon Hurrah

A nearby town had a little free fall festival that Brooklyn and I enjoyed.  They had hayrides with a singers and guitar players performing, clowns making balloon creations, bands, food trucks, and arts and crafts for the kiddos.
My favorite part was seeing Brooklyn dancing around in her princess dress to one of the bands and her asking me to dance with her (of course I wouldn't turn that down).  photo IMG_1172_zps1pa0gdtl.jpg  photo IMG_1173_zpsqnpkr8ad.jpg  photo IMG_1175_zpskmmksrh6.jpg  photo IMG_1179_zpslayxaupg.jpg  photo IMG_1182_zpsxitqf8wh.jpg  photo IMG_1187_zpshyrshbep.jpg

Chalk the Block

One weekend we headed to Provo for their annual Chalk the Block event. There is a similar event in Boise so I was happy to find this here! I am amazed by all of the talent.
 photo IMG_1167_zpsym3taf0r.jpg  photo IMG_1168_zpspebuf5wj.jpg  photo IMG_1169_zpskksqdogt.jpg  photo IMG_1166_zps3ao25akc.jpg  photo IMG_1164_zpsu3tzuxix.jpg  photo IMG_1165_zpslkpkige2.jpg  photo IMG_1161_zpsczasgwwf.jpg  photo IMG_1159_zpsttcyn7vp.jpg  photo IMG_1156_zpsrm6oco34.jpg  photo IMG_1157_zps3kaffmsn.jpg  photo IMG_1158_zpscxh5gdk3.jpg

Thomas' White Coat Ceremony

In September Thomas had his white coat ceremony. Basically it shows that you are starting your dedication to serving others. They are starting to see mock patients at school so it seems to correspond with that as well. Kind of like a commencement ceremony but at the beginning of his second semester. Also, I haven't posted this on the blog yet but we got word back on a scholarship Thomas applied for through the National Health Service Corps and... HE GOT IT!!!! This is such a relief because it means all of his tuition, books, and school expenses will be paid for (which would have amounted to over $100,000!) Plus they give us a living stipend each month that will basically cover our rent. Such an honor and a blessing! In return he commits to serving two years in an under served area or with an under served population after graduation. We feel like we won the lottery!!!  photo IMG_1031_zpsalpgltu0.jpg  photo Thomas Giles 2_zpsavyhm1va.jpg  photo Thomas Giles 3_zpsbr6k8tsf.jpg  photo IMG_1083_zpsx12maum0.jpg  photo Thomas Giles 1_zps7iurzrxq.jpg  photo IMG_1040_zpscj1r3po4.jpg  photo IMG_1039_zpsqhyd1azi.jpg

Raspberry Picking

A friend from church invited us to go to a u-pick raspberry patch with her and her daughter. They had the cutest little buckets for the kiddos and beyond the fence there were deer.  Brooklyn even sneakily fed the deer some raspberries.  A bucket of raspberries was gone in a matter of days.  Yum!  photo IMG_1229_zpssuonqnxn.jpg  photo IMG_1227_zpsn0sl1eob.jpg  photo IMG_1225_zps8v3or3op.jpg  photo IMG_1222_zpsznwnkjhg.jpg  photo IMG_1223_zpszikwzdzm.jpg  photo IMG_1221_zpspkolwexv.jpg

Soccer for Brooklyn

I signed Brooklyn up for soccer for the month of September.  The session was twice a week for 45 minutes all month long.
Brooklyn's fave part was the cheer at the end of each practice.  She learned some new skills that she worked hard to develop.  The last practice they scrimmaged in teams and Brooklyn cried most of the game.  I think all the encouraging parents scared her and she didn't like it when someone took the ball from her.  She did score the very first goal and cried through that as well.
All's well that ends well though because as the last practice finished they each got a medal and a certificate and had a big cheer and she was all smiles for that. I asked her what her favorite part of soccer was and she said when they got fruit snacks.  Lol!
I signed her up for dance after that and she is in LOVE! I think we found her thing.  photo IMG_1242_zpst7uhjebg.jpg  photo IMG_1248_zps2stbnvqd.jpg  photo IMG_1252_zps2k2lgwpu.jpg  photo IMG_0858_zps7d0rzm8k.jpg  photo IMG_1255_zps884okpn7.jpg

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

September Photo Dump

I found a really great eyebrow lady! She is helping me grow out my brows a bit and this time she helped show me how to fill them in and I loved how the looked.  photo IMG_0871_zpsv08rarp6.jpg Thomas and I went to a sports bar where the BSU alumni was hosting a tailgating party when they were playing BYU here in Provo.  We had a blast hanging out there and watching the game.  photo IMG_1079_zpsjvsliioh.jpg
We went on a little paved trail hike with my friend Lauren and her little ones.  The kids of my friends growing up become friends with my child.  photo IMG_0882_zpstrondomj.jpg
Bri in our ward is just the cutest and craftiest.  She set up a fun little teddy bear picnic play date at the park.  Everyone brought a stuffed animal and she had a little bear hunt and honeycomb/teddy graham snack for them.  photo IMG_1022_zpspeqbhbmd.jpg  photo IMG_1029_zpsuwykfomc.jpg And Brooklyn is just so cute and cuddly in her jammies. And her dolly is her most prized possession.  photo IMG_1086_zpsquwcbul7.jpg