Thursday, December 13, 2018

Pumpkin Patch Field Trip

Wells and I got to go with Brooklyn's first grade class to Smith Rock, a popular hiking and rock climbing area north of Bend. 
There were farm animals to pet, pumpkins to pick, a tractor/train ride, corn maze, and picnic lunch. 
I love being able to do these school things with my girl and love how happy it makes her.

 Brooklyn's best friend Kaylee.

Halloween 2018

 My VIPKID Halloween set up.
 For Halloween I took the kids into Sunriver like last year.  There were carnival games and all of the stores hand out Halloween candy.

 Brooklyn chose our costume theme this year as the Incredible Family.

 I was so excited to see Wells run from house to house for trick or treating but ironically he didn't take a nap that day (he ALWAYS takes a nap) so he didn't end up lasting past trick or treating at Sunriver (where he was so tired he just stayed in the stroller).  Thomas had met us in Sunriver for dinner at a Mexican restaurant.  Afterwards he and Brooklyn went trick or treating to a neighborhood in La Pine while I put Wells down for bed.
Something I want to remember is when Brooklyn was first trying on her costume.  Wells saw her trying it on and ran to where his costume was stored so he could try his on too.

October 2018 Photo Dump

Wells loved to get the green tomatoes from our garden and chomp on them. 

 Brooklyn is all about school dress up days.  This day was blue and gold day and I woke up and she was all dressed with her face painted by herself.

 Fall weather, you can't beat it.  I went for a run (those are few and far between these days) at Shevlin Park in Bend and it was GORGEOUS!

 Thomas had a hernia repaired that had been bothering him for ten years!

 Both the kids come running when Thomas breaks out the hammer and nails.

 This is Wells' face when he gets really excited and says "Ooooohhhh!".